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Hello, Myself Sudheer from India, 
Asus Zenfone 2 Laser Ze500kl is my personal phone and have been using it for so long time. I bought this phone especially to root and rooted it after 2 days. I have got so much of Android knowledge with this phone and in love with Android.

I have rooted my phone around 10+ times and also unrooted it. it's really a good experience for me. recently flashed marshmallow ROM version  ww_13.1010.1612 to make a root guide & video guide on marshmallow because many people were asking me. but this version is so updated & unable to root with the available root guide. but you can root if your marshmallow version is lower. i will soon share the process once the process is available.

How many times I bricked Asus Zenfone 2 laser Ze500kl/Zooed
I have bricked my phone twice and each time my phone got around 15+ days rest. I tried to recover it. tried with Asus official forum, They said to go to service center.Ii tried in XDA forum there MiauLightouch  helped me. what ever i share here like root, bootloder etc are made by MiauLightouch only. so he is the king of Asus guide according to me, Not just Asus but also other
so if you have any problem then simply dont rush to the service center. try to resolve it yourself and learn from it.

I have created a Facebook page where I want to share all my knowledge about this phone. you can simply follow that page so that you can stay updated. Feel free to share your experience with me.